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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Applications are widely used these days in startups, travel and extensively in mobile banking which leads to great attraction...

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Web Application Security Testing

One of the popular and the very first attack surface for hackers to get an initial hold over an organization...

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Network Assessments

Network is one of the most critical and a backbone for any organization running their operations over computers and network....

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Ownux global is your one-stop answer for unrivaled cybersecurity consulting and training. Our fast and exceptionally reliable audit
solutions encompass the Web & Mobile applications, your internal Networks & Servers and even the software.

Our team of security professionals are capable to get acquainted with
your current stage of development and help ease your security woes.

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Mr Bhashit has provided the best support in the project. He cleared our doubts and even looked at the issue. He is expert at advicing where the issues are and takes the etra mile to mitigate the issue with his own effort. I would highly encourage anyone to speak to him and therefore engage in his professional service. Thank you!

"Would 100% reccomend, detailed testing!"

The technical report was very good. I really liked the presentation of the report. the report had all the necessary elements.The testing was on-point and the way the details in the report were mentioned properly made it easy to understand. Overall it was a great experience!

"On-point analysis and great report!"

Excellent, thought really hard about what feedback to give. Compared to other providers we have used Bhashit and the team were worth the 5 stars. Their technical proficiency was proven during the selection process, but its the additional customer service skills that they demonstrated during the contract that has really impressed me , hence the reason we paid the bonus

"Excellent technical proficiency!"

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Application Security Testing

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Challenges in Cloud Security

Challenges in Cloud security

Cloud computing is one of the most widely adopted technologies, with around 39% of companies hosting over half of their workloads on cloud platforms. A 2023 Clo ...